Let's Talk About Wine

Do you know what Clean-Crafted wine is? To make simple, it’s wine as nature intended. In the words of wine consultant Melyssa Scott, wine is intended to be pure, honest, authentic and downright delicious. Clean-Crafted wine is free of chemicals, added sugar, and synthetic pesticides. It’s organic, non-GMO and Vegan. Yes, most wines are NOT Vegan. Massed produced wines have chemical additives and sugars, used by the manufacture to create a uniform taste in each bottle and to maximize production. The additives used also cover flaws such as bacteria, making your everyday wine completely unnatural and altered. Thank goodness for Scout and Cellar, founded by Sarah Shadonix an attorney-turned-sommelier, who founded the company because she was tired of getting wine headaches. From the first sip of wine I noticed a difference. I love having a glass of red wine now and then, but like Sara, experienced the infamous wine headache. After drinking the Scott and Sellar’s clean-crated wines i’m ecstatic to report no more headaches! It taste fresher, crisper and CLEANER! Thanks to Sarah, it’s easier to access natural, delicious tasting wine.

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If you have any questions contact wine consultant Melyssa via her website.


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